The iPhone 13 may expand mmWave support to more countries, with new leak tips with a less wide notch


The iPhone 13, Apple’s next-generation smartphone, is expected to be released this fall. This time, the future region may support mmWave technology in more than one region. With the iPhone 12 series, Apple introduced mmWave technology only in the United States. Ting Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that before Apple’s Spring Loaded event, which focuses on new iPads, Apple will ship 55 to 60 percent of iPhone 13 units with mmWave technology. In addition, the Screen Protectors on the upcoming iPhone 13 have leaked, confirming that the notch will be narrowed slightly.

MacRumours received access Kuon for the latest investor message that refers iPhone 13 Units using mmWave technology will be available in more countries this year, and not limited to the United States. It can extend support to, for example, Canada, Japan, Australia and major European mobile operators. Kuo says that the transmission volume of the iPhone 13‌ mmWave models is forecast to increase significantly to 55-60% compared to the transmission volume of 30-35% of the iPhone 12 mmWave models.

In Kuo’s precise words: “While shipments of 5G smartphones grew significantly in 2020, most of them only supported frequencies below 6 GHz. We believe mmWave creates more versatile applications than Sub-6 GHz due to faster speeds and lower latency. WiPhone 12 The mmWave model only supports the U.S. market, with a total iPhone 12 total of about 30 to 35 percent, and we predict that iPhone 13‌ mmWave models will be available in more countries (e.g. Canada, Japan, Australia and major European mobile operators), so the iPhone 13‌ mmWave models will increase significantly to 55-60%. “

The main difference between mmWave 5G and Sub-6GHz 5G is that the former allows high bandwidth, leading to faster speeds, while the latter has limited bandwidth and relatively low speeds.

Separately, iPhone 13 Screen Protectors have leaked to the network Twitter user @ duanrui1205 and indicates that the notch at the top of the screen is less wide than its predecessor. While it is still a wide notch with multiple sensors, including a headset and front camera, it is relatively less wide than iPhone 12.

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