The Jabran Elite 65t is only $ 50 on Best Buy right now


It seems that the market for real wireless in-ear headphones is still full every week, like products Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Nothing Ear 1s two of the latest competitors to jump into an already growing field. And while the Jabra Elite 65t has started to look its age in comparison and is by no means top notch, they are still a great pair of headphones with a pleasant sound and a customizable fit, not to mention a two-year warranty. covers any damage that may result from prolonged exposure to sweat or dust. Normally for $ 80, you can pick up a copper black model at Best purchase $ 50, a little more than the best price. Read our reviews.

Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra’s previous generation Elite wireless in-ear headphones have a subtle design.

When you talk about TV recommendations with others Limit staff, there is one model that seems to come more often than any other: the LG C1. However, that’s not particularly surprising, especially since the 4K OLED is the successor to the LG CX the best TVs you can buy for the PS5 or Xbox Series X.. Each C1 configuration provides support for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technologies, with a 120 Hz refresh rate, low input delay and HDR. It also has a faster processor than the CX and a player-friendly interface that allows you to quickly switch between different settings without having to delve into the settings box.

If you do not want to attach a smaller panel, you can pick it up 48-inch model with a $ 100 discount on eBay with coupon code SAVE20FORBTS, which lowered the final sale price to just $ 1,197.

LG’s 48-inch C1 OLED

LG’s C1 OLED starts with a 48-inch model, up to 83 inches. All features of this OLED size include a 120 Hz refresh rate, FreeSync and G-Sync support, and a fast processor.

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are great consoles in terms of portability, but keeping either console in motion with juice can prove challenging, especially if you’re using an older Switch model that doesn’t offer the same battery life as second generation model or future OLED editions. There, a device like Anker’s PowerCore 13400 Powerbank can prove handy. A compact, Nintendo-licensed battery — which is currently available for sale in Adorama for $ 30 -provides almost enough power to charge the standard switch twice and can be used with several other USB-C devices.

Anker PowerCore 13400 Powerbank

Anker’s PowerCore Powerbank has USB-C support and a 13,400 mAh battery, so it can produce enough juice to keep the Nintendo Switch humming long after the battery is otherwise dead.

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