The Kominsky method gets the trailer of the last season



Netflix has released the trailer comedy drama series for the third and final season Kominsky method who sees Sandy (Michael Douglas) trying to navigate life without his best friend next to Norman (Alan Ark); See it here …

Sandy Kominsky (Oscar® winner Michael Douglas) has to navigate what aging looks like without his longtime friend Norman Newlander (Oscar winner Alan Arkin) alongside him in the final season of the Kominsky method. Life only gets more complicated when Sandy’s ex-wife Roz Volander arrives (Oscar® nominee Kathleen Turner). The couple’s notoriously unstable relationships become even more inflamed when she comes to LA to spend time with her daughter Mindy (Sarah Baker) and boyfriend Martin (Paul Reiser). This season of the Kominsky method deals with money, death, love, murder, and the realization of dreams. In other words, plain.

The-Kominsky-Method-Season-3 -_- Official-Trailer -_- Netflix-2-4-Screenshot-600x360

Kominsky Method Season 3 arrives on Netflix on May 28th.


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