The large IFA technical exhibition will be canceled again


IFA 2021 has been canceled just weeks after that promising that it would return as a personal event In Berlin in September. The event’s organizers mentioned the “global health uncertainties” associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, including the emergence of new variants of the virus and concerns about the rate of introduction of vaccines around the world.

This is the second year that the IFA is not normally held in Berlin. Last year the exhibition was held a mostly virtual format, with companies such as Samsung and LG make announcements online at the same time as the exhibition would normally be held. IFA is the largest consumer technology exhibition of its kind in Europe every year.

“Unfortunately, the latest public health developments brought too many risks to everyone’s event planning,” said Kai Hillebrandt, Chairman of the Board of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH. “There are too many uncertainties now. Therefore, right now, it is almost impossible to responsibly plan your participation in any exhibition. “

These uncertainties have not yet forced the cancellation of Europe’s other major technical exhibition, MWC, which is currently should happen next month. Several companies, including Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, Ericsson, Sonyand Oracle have said they will not attend the conference in person.


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