The Loki Easter Egg officially confirms the second season


Disney Log The TV show gets a second season according to the scene attached to the sixth and last episode of the first season. Confirmation first noticed Variety, the end result of the cycle is halfway through at 42 minutes and 48 seconds when a stamp appears on the screen that simply reads “Log returns in season 2”.

Log is the third Marvel show to premiere on Disney Plus and the first to have had its second season officially. WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen has confirmed that in January this year premiered is not meant to be obtained through another. In the meantime, it is currently unclear whether Falcon and winter soldier returns for another season, especially when the show leads neatly the upcoming fourth Captain America movie.

It is currently unclear when the second season Log release, but Variety notes that the final episode of the first season will lead to the upcoming Marvel film Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness, scheduled for release in March 2022. Log season 2 joins a number of other Marvel programs announced for Disney Plus Hawkeye, Miss Marvel, He’s the Hulk and a series of headless ones centered around Wakanda Black Panther concession.

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