The long Halloween special event sees Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale reunite in the fall


This year is a significant milestone for author Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale as their groundbreaking story Batman: Long Halloween celebrating its 25th anniversary. Once Loeb and Sale’s story has already been adapted into a two-part animated film, fans will be even more excited when DC Comics announces that the couple will reunite Batman: A long Halloween specialty this fall.


Batman: Long Halloween follows Batman in his early years defending Gotham City as he, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Dent form an alliance to overthrow crowd leader Carmine Falcone and his criminal family. The mysterious killer, known only as Holiday, struck every month on vacation, targeting members of the Falcone family. As Batman, Gordon, and Dent seek to resolve Holiday’s identity, the rise of supervillaines in Gotham is causing more problems as city management slowly takes toward Jokers, Scarecrow, and others, while Harvey Dent is facing its own transformation.

“25 years ago, Tim Sale and I set out to tell a mystery story about how Gotham City went from crime to freaks,” Jeph Loeb said. “The result was Batman: Long Halloween. We’re excited to be back in DC by looking at some of our favorite characters while revealing that you may not know the whole story … ”

“As always, working with Batman has brought out the best in Jeph and myself as storytellers in Gotham City,” said Tim Sale. “We have been blessed to bring the great talents of Comicraft’s Richard Starkings with us every step of the way, and we are very fortunate to welcome a colorist, Brennan Wagner, to help reshape our latest venture.”

Summary Batman: A long Halloween specialty Is:

Join the team to restore Batman’s Halloween specials and the mystery that can destroy Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Two-Face, and… well, that would be telling, right?

Batman: Long Halloween Special will be released on the 12th. October.

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