The lost Harold Perrineau joins the Epix horror series From


The deadline stated that Harold Perrineau (Lost) will lead Epix’s upcoming sci-fi horror series From. The series, created by Josh Griffin, tells the story of a small American city that captures all the horrific nightlife that enter and surround the city.


From “Reveals the mystery of a Central American nightmarish city that captures everyone who arrives. As reluctant residents fight to maintain a normal feeling and seek a way out, they also have to cope with the threats of the surrounding forest – including the horrific creatures that emerge as the sun sets. “

Perrineau introduces Boyd Stevens, “a sheriff whose draconian rules have held the fragile city together, though he seeks a way to escape this seemingly inevitable nightmare.”

Perrineau is best known for his Lost the role of Michael Dawson, a trapped father on the island whose sole purpose was to protect his son Walt from the natural hazards of the island and Others. For From, he reunites with his own Lost director Jack Bender, who is set to direct the first four episodes of the series.

From is a co-production of Epix and MGM International Television. In addition, Midnight Radio will be produced by Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg and Avengers: Final game directors Joe and Anthony Russo through ABGO. Griffin and Bender produce producers alongside Adrienne Erickson at midnight.


Production will begin later this month in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the premiere of 2022 at Epix. Outside the United States From broadcast internationally on Netflix.

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