The MacGruber series invites Sam Elliott, Laurence Fishburne and Mickey Rourke


The peacock is coming MacGruber the series has just chosen pretty high profile names like Sam Elliott (The star is born), Laurence Fishburne (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum) and Mickey Rourke (War pigs) to join a series of eight episodes.


MacGruber see Will Forte rise Saturday evening MacGruber’s character next to him SNL actress Kristen Wiig (Wonder Woman 1984) and Ryan Phillippe (Shooter). They will rise to their roles from 2010 MacGruber film by Vicki St.Elmo and Dixon Piper.

Elliott plays Perry, the father of MacGruber. “While they have drifted apart over the years, MacGruber needs his father’s wise guidance if he hopes to succeed.”

Fishburne is General Barrett Fasoose, “a highly decorated soldier who commands respect for the entire U.S. military. In addition to her prestigious career, she is currently married to MacGruber’s ex-wife, Vicki St. Elmo. “


Rourke becomes the film’s villain, Brigadier General Enos Queeth, “who is one of MacGruber’s mortal enemies. Long dead, he has risen back to make a terrible plan to destroy the world and demand revenge against MacGruber. “

Forte, Jorma Taccone and John Solomon write and lead the production of the series Taccone. Lorne Michaels, John Goldwyn, Andrew Singer and Erin David also acted as producers.

Originally a Saturday evening parody in a TV series MacGyver, MacGruber the film was released in 2010 and quickly became a cult favorite despite the tanks on ticket sales, at just $ 9.3 million for its theatrical performance.


After more than a decade of imprisonment in prison, America’s ultimate hero and uber-patriot MacGruber (Forte) is eventually released. His mission: to remove the mysterious villain from his past – Brigadier General Enos Queeth. With the whole world at a crossroads, MacGruber has to compete for time to defeat the forces of evil – only to find out that evil… can be hidden inside.

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