The Marvel Universe descends into darkness with the Dark Ages


Marvel has reported that Tom Taylor, the best-selling author of the New York Times (X-Men: Red, A whole new wolf) collaborates with Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Iban Coello (Poison, The Black Knight: The Curse of the Ebony Blade) in September will launch a new vision for the Marvel Universe in Gloomy times.


In last year’s Free Comic Book Day: X-Men’s anticipated series of this highly anticipated limited series, the heroes of every corner of the Marvel Universe unite with a new threat – and fail. Their defeat marks the beginning of an exciting new era full of heartbreaking losses and incomprehensible stakes. When the world is redone, fans will meet fascinating new versions of their favorite heroes as they struggle to beat insurmountable odds and restore hope to the universe.

“I’m excited to join the brilliant Iban Coello in one of the most epic stories I’ve ever been involved with,” Taylor said. ”Marvel’s Gloomy times is a story, contrary to what we have told before. And it all starts with a shocking revelation of what the Guardian has been following. Danger beyond the earth threatens everything. And once, the heroes who have saved the planet over and over again become almost completely powerless in front of it. The X-Men and Avengers meet. Spider-Man and Fantastic Four come together. Heroes for Hire fights alongside the Champions. But none of them are enough. The lights go out … forever. “


Marvel’s Dark Ages # 1 goes on sale on September 1st.

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