The Misfits Poster and Trailer, Starring Pierce Brosnan, Hermione Corfield, Jamie Chung and Tim Roth



A poster and trailer have been released for director Renny Harlin’s upcoming action adventure Incompatible who sees Pierce Brosnan as a well-known international thief who grabs a complex robbery by a bunch of unusual Robin Hoods of today; check them out here …


Even a federal maximum security prison cannot have Richard Pace (Golden Globe nominee PIERCE BROSNAN), a brilliant international thief. But his brave escape and high-octane car hunt, avoiding the FBI and police, ends in being abducted by The Misfits, a band of modern Robin Hoods. Led by eccentric and charismatic Ringo (NICK CANNON) with Violet (JAMIE CHUNG), Prince (RAMI JABER) and Wick (MIKE ANGELO) with Pac’s daughter Hope (HERMIONE CORFIELD) – a mysterious group that does angry things for all the right reasons. A professional group persuades Pace to join them in acquiring the theft of the century: stealing millions of gold bars held from one of the country’s safest prisons, owned by rogue entrepreneur Schultz (Tim Roth) and used to fund terrorist groups worldwide. In addition to the money, Pace wants revenge on Schultz, the man behind his imprisonment. From LA to Abu Dhabi, success requires crowded engines, fake identities, multiple nuisances, camels, nitro and massive explosions.

Misfits Theater will be released 11. followed by a digital and On Demand release on 15 June. Actors alongside Brosnan include Rami Jaber, Hermione Corfield, Jamie Chung, Mike Angelo, Tim Roth and Nick Cannon.


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