The missing star locked some users out of their Chromebooks


A major bug in the recent release of Chrome OS (91.0.4472.147) got some users out of their Chromebooks. Reddit has already noticed this in time. Like some eagle-eyed users, including oneelitist_ferret”(You first noticed Android police), have pointed out, the problem seems to lead to a missing ampersand in the Google code.

In particular, it appears that in its Cryptohome VaultKeyset series, Google used one “&” character in the conditional expression and not two “&&” characters, which is the C ++ operator “AND”, to break the line. An accident prevented Chrome OS from verifying user passwords on stored keys, such as Ars Technica notes, and some users were unable to log in.

Google has not yet responded to the comment request.

Chrome OS subreddit was aware of the bug in version 91.0.4472.147 as early as the afternoon of July 19th. “The latest stable update prevents users from logging in.” one user wrote at 13.23 ET. “We recommend that you do not upgrade for now.” A number of users also started fault reporting around that time – some complained that their devices didn’t accept their passwords, while others said they couldn’t even get past the startup screen.

Google said that night Customer service portal that the solution would be deployed by the end of the day on July 21, and recommended that users wash their devices with power, revert back to previous versions of Chrome OS, sign in as a Guest, or wait for a fix. By the next day, the company had identified the problem with the new building and stopped its commissioning. On the 21st, it stated that a new version (91.0.4472.167) was being introduced.

“Deployment will be gradually released to devices over the next few days,” the update reads. “Affected devices can log in as a guest or with an account that is not logged in to the device.” Once the affected users are logged in, they can follow the instructions Google Help Center to download the latest update.

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