The Motorola Edge 20, Edge 20 Pro and Edge 20 Lite are making their global debuts


Motorola is to keep the return to the ticket machines running for the second year in a row with the Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20 and Edge 20 Lite announcements released today. The high-end 20 Pro includes a periscope-style telephoto lens for the first time on a Motorola device and includes a Snapdragon 870 processor.

All three devices support 5G below 6 GHz, offer 108-megapixel rear-facing cameras, and feature 6.7-inch OLED screens with a fast refresh rate. They are due to arrive in Europe, Latin America and Asia in August. While Motorola isn’t providing details, it says it plans to bring the 5G Edge to North America this fall.

The Edge 20 Pro is a handsome indigo vegan leather option.
Photo: Motorola

Priced at $ 699 (about $ 830), the Edge 20 Pro has many features common to the premium mid-range class, including the Gorilla Glass 5 front panel, 144 Hz screen refresh rate, and 12GB of RAM in its 800- series chipset. Its main rear camera uses a 108-megapixel 1 / 1.52-inch sensor and f / 1.9 aperture, similar to last year’s Edge Plus. Also included is a new 8-megapixel 5x telephoto-periscope-type camera with optical image stabilization. The 16-megapixel ultra-wide works double as a macro camera, as does the 32-megapixel self-camera in front.

However, a couple of specifications don’t measure the flagship class, but we noticed it “Big but not good enough” Edge Plus representative. First of all, Motorola is commit to only one device operating system update, which comes with Android 11. The 4500 mAh battery can be charged with a 30 W wired charge, but wireless charging is not supported. And its IP52 rating means it’s splash-proof, but it’s not guaranteed to survive a full sink like the IP68-rated Samsung Galaxy S21.

The Edge 20 offers a 3D telephoto lens instead of the Pro Pro’s 5x periscope zoom.
Photo: Motorola

For $ 499 (about $ 590), the Edge 20 gets the same 6.7-inch OLED with a 144 Hz refresh rate (though only in front of the Gorilla Glass 3), but includes a reduced Snapdragon 778 processor. Instead of periscopic zoom, it offers a standard 8-megapixel 3x telephoto lens, but its main and ultra-wide cameras are equivalent to 20 Pro cameras.

The Edge 20 Lite includes a larger 5000 mAh battery.
Photo: Motorola

The most budget-friendly Edge 20 Lite, priced at $ 349 (about $ 415), uses the MediaTek Dimensity 5G-B chipset, features a 6.7-inch OLED with a slower yet fast 90 Hz refresh rate, completely bypassing the camera, and includes a larger 5000 mAh battery. It maintains the IP52 rating of two other devices and still includes a 30 W quick charge.

We especially liked last year’s Edge phones more attractively priced central edge, and much of it was due to the strong features of the camera. It’s promising to see Motorola rely on that strength with the new telephoto lens, even though the top-tier device still seems to lack a couple of key technicalities to compete well in its class. Maybe the midfield will be Motorola’s sweet spot again this year.

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