The Motorola Moto G100 is now on sale in the United States


Motorola is now selling the Moto G100 in the United States, after introduction earlier this year Latin American and European markets. It comes with mid-range specifications such as a large 5000 mAh battery, 5G and a 90 Hz display for a $ 599 MSRP. From now until August 5, Motorola will be offering a $ 100 discount on the full retail price.

There are two important footnotes to the compatibility of the US operator of the G100: it is a GSM phone only, so it works with AT&T and T-Mobile, but not Verizon, and its 5G connection is only compatible with T-Mobile’s 5G network. Outside of that, it seems to be a respectable mid-range device if priced a little more expensive. It uses a Snapdragon 870 processor with 8GB of RAM, less than 6GHz 5G, and a 6.7-inch 1080p display at 90 Hz refresh rate.

Motorola’s U.S. phone releases have focused on the $ 200-400 range this year, making the G100 one of the most priced devices the company has recently introduced to the market. While the large battery, faster refreshing display, and higher-end processor seem to fit into its $ 599 price tag, its lack of IP rating and extensive carrier / 5G support may set it back to similarly priced peers like the Samsung A52 5G or Pixel 4A 5G (if still available).

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