The movie might just come back!

Tom Jolliffe looks at hopeful signs of recovery in the theater industry thanks to F9 and Black Widow…


Don’t call it a comeback! Okay … maybe quietly whisper it, but the movie might just come back. An industry that has struggled to adapt to restrictions and inventions, lock-in (and closure), rearrangements of big films, may finally be heading for normal. I wonder if Fast 9 It would be a perfect movie to do just that, a shoot jump leading to an engine in danger of petering completely. It may have been greeted with varying reviews, but it seems to players that the NOS injection needed escapism for fast cars, crazy stunts and all sorts of logic.


Currently, the latest installment of the Vin Diesel-Lead franchise pushes the half-billion mark. Granted, this is likely to leave some more profit, even though the days are relatively early (and some realism must also be taken into account). Account must also be taken of space constraints in some areas, as well as some of the more cautious publicans who continue to take baby steps back from crowded attractions. If a certain recent sporting event featuring the best football (soccer) parties in Europe turned out to be something, caution can only be in a furious wind now that a massive crowd is gathering for the recent finals (let’s not dig this part into sadder parts such as lifting restrictions and the glory of the tournament). Yet a well-behaved, accepting and respectful crowd has earned ourselves a lucrative return to cinemas.


Much has been expected Black Widow too. Once again, the reviews have been clearly mixed (also among fans). Maybe it’s not going to hit the weight with force Avengers: Final game, which went to a level of enormity that cannot be done every time. There may be some clear hangover in the film, a foggy afterthought and a sweet goodbye to a character who has been the band’s musician and bowed to death in the last great Avengers. Still, the key is to get derriers for blankets, slightly soda-dyed seats (with popcorn cores stuck in the slits). Would the audience come in troops? We still have to address that controversial question … Do female women films have tent poles? Is Black Widow able to break down an idea that is still ingrained in the thinking of many studios? As usual, of course, Marvel leads some way in trying to dispel this myth (among other things).


As it happens, Black Widow has thrown a pretty impressive first weekend hit. The film, which featured trailers that appeared to be a collection of Scar-Joa that fell perfectly into the landing of the superheroes and threw a steel gaze upward, lumped together an impressive $ 158 million pick-up during the first weekend. In addition to this, it loved a notable kicker in the simultaneous Disney + On Demand release. This is especially important. There has been a constant concern among filmmakers that the growing wonder of new release models, which may include simultaneous home and theater releases, may negatively affect the latter and leave the channel bundle in a downward spiral. Black Widow Making massive numbers at home and in theaters at least showed that at least on a tent pillar, a double audience is there. It then gives people who are less fond of the cinema experience a chance to join in the immediacy of the first release (and the price you pay is certainly steep for enjoyment). This may mean a more realistic shift in expectations of what the cinema will bring back to you, and put a little emphasis on home demand to ease the pressure. Perhaps this will be in the same way that the global gross has usurped the domestic most important studio of interest.

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There are a number of potentially high-yield films that lure audiences back. Suddenly, when so many are pushed back, we potentially have many who are stacked on a muscular slate. Part of the reason the audience was indifferent to the return was based on the fact that there were no “big” movies there. The growth in indie choices has been pleasant, served by a niche that wants something a little more mature or simply more variation. The fact is that 12-30 crowds with a special impact on the movies will once again become a big percussion industry. I might look at something like that Black Widow and declare, “I’m too old for this shit …” But coming towards 40-year-olds, my age group and beyond can’t record the big screen. We can only hope that we can easily participate in the next Safdie or Eggers film, and perhaps, perhaps, only by escaping a little bit of populism and teen-oriented films. Marvel has a shot deflected off target Spider-Man: No way home, Shang-Chi and the ten-ring legend and Forever, even if the comic book market does Venom: Let there be massacre and Suicide squad. Some do better than others. Some are still unfortunate but understandable loss leaders during the transition period or a couple. Still, as we begin to see $ 80 million in domestic weekends and global gross revenues rise again toward that billion bar, it looks like the film may still be alive.


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