The multiplayer adventure Phantom Abyss arrives on Steam Early Access


Devolver Digital and the development team WIBY have announced the release of the asynchronous multiplayer adventure Phantom Abyss on Steam Early Access. Procedurally created, trapped-loaded temples, full of ruthless guards and relics, await those who are brave enough to go inside. See more in the release trailer below …


With Phantom Abyss decide on procedurally created temples to retrieve sacred relics hidden deep in a trap-filled depth. Scroll through branching routes to look for relics, but beware of the deceptive horrors and ruthless protectors who defend it. Redeem the relic or let the temple claim you. There is only one attempt in each temple and to win or lose, you will not see it anymore.

Players can use the phantom run of other players ’failed attempts to avoid the mistakes they killed or help others avoid the same mistake they made. Once the legendary sanctuary is found, the temple disappears forever.


  • Explore each temple alongside the other players’ phantoms that reached the end before you, and use their running to help you hunt. Learn from up to 20 phantoms, including Steam friends, for a better chance of success.
  • Find the keys in the chests that open the deeper and more deadly parts of the temple, hiding even the most coveted relics. Find the legendary relic and get the whole temple.
  • Collect as many treasures along the way as possible, and then make sacrifices at the altars to get a new blessing, such as a double jump, a slide jump, an extended slide, damage protection for the rest.
  • Open new whips that can help your next business. Every whip has a small blessing, but also a curse that can hinder running.
  • Share temple codes for failed runs with friends and help them succeed where you fail.

Throughout the Early Access phase, Team WIBY will continue to expand the game with new chambers, traps, whips, zones, and additional game features.

Phantom Abyss is now available on Steam Early Access at a 20% discount until July 8th.

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