The new Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Mythos statue from the sideshow was unveiled


The sideshow has revealed the statue of Anakin Skywalker Mythos, which has been inspired by the appearance of the Jedi during the Clone Wars. Star Wars collectibles are now pre-orderable for $ 585; take a look at the promotional images below …

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The sideshow introduces the Anakin Skywalker Mythos statue, which brings an epic arc of characters from the beloved Star Wars heroes to your collection. The Anakin Skywalker Mythos statue is 21 inches long as the Jedi Knight cuts the infantry of the B1 and B2 battle droids during the Clone Wars conflict. Using a blue light toy blade, Anakin is an ardent and often overconfident fighter, yet a peacekeeper in line with the noble goals of the Jedi Order.

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The Polystone Anakin Skywalker Mythos statue features a fully carved blue and purple Jedi plate with silver armor pieces based on his appearance during the Clone Wars. Painted with dynamic highlights and shadows, the energetic Star Wars statue is designed with realistic movement and textures throughout her costume and faded breastplate and barrels. The statue also features two interchangeable portraits of the Jedi Knight: a scarred, heroic portrait with blue eyes and wavy brown hair, and an alternate head with slightly smoother hair and the yellowed eyes of the Sith representing the possible fall of Anakin in power. Tell a tragic story Complaint with this all-encompassing Star Wars trading card.


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