The new Pumpkinhead collectible statue was unveiled through PCS and the Sideshow


The sideshow has released commercials for Premium Collectibles Studio’s upcoming 1: 4 scale Pumpkin head a statue inspired by special effects legend Stan Winston’s 1988 director debut. The collectible is now pre-orderable for $ 1250; See pictures here …










Pumpkinhead 1: 4 Scale Statue is 27 ”long and 19” wide. Stands at a detailed environmental level that creates the film’s iconic cemetery scene. Pumpkins and vines grow as tangled masses above the dirt, hiding a partially uncovered body used to be called a name monster. Pumpkinhead barks in the darkness and searches for his next victim in unstoppable revenge.

Pumpkinhead 1: 4 Scale Statue is a fully carved wonder that creates Stan Winston’s iconic creature with care and detail in exceptional detail from its awful face down to the claws on its feet. Painted in bold, light orange, and sickly shades of purple, the monster gets an immortal, unhealthy look with large claws and a whip-like tail. Pumpkinhead has a muscular physics detailed with veins and groin cells shaped to give depth to the creature’s horror. The portrait of Pumpkinhead is full of growling faces, inhuman eyes, and a brain-like skull imagined by one of the movie monster’s greatest minds of horror.

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The Pumpkinhead 1: 4 Statue Exclusive Edition features an alternative humanoid portrait that reflects the evolution of the beast in the film’s climate finale. Dig a space out of your collection and bring home PCS’s Pumpkinhead 1: 4 Scale Statue!


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