The NFL will jump into Twitter Spaces after the clubhouse’s first partnership


The National Football League is signing up to use Twitter Spaces. Osana new agreement With Twitter – which allows the social network to continue showing highlights of the games – the NFL has agreed to host 20 live audio rooms throughout the 2021 season, including “current NFL players and other NFL talent” as hosts discussing the season’s matches.

Twitter’s collaboration with the NFL seems to be a blow to the Clubhouse, which previously in collaboration with the league host sound rooms during the April draft. It was Clubhouse’s first official sports league programming – and now the NFL has moved to Twitter and signed up as Twitter’s first sports partner. A spokesman for the clubhouse said the company has an “ongoing relationship” with the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Clubhouse also in collaboration with the National Hockey League host rooms around the Stanley Cup.

Spaces began publishing on Twitter in December, and the feature has expanded more widely since then. The launch came when the Clubhouse was blasting its popularity, but the live audio service is now in competition from all sides; In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Discord have launched competitors, and similar features are being developed within Slack, Reddit and LinkedIn.

While most of the programming for these live audio apps is user-generated, the obvious next step for these networks is to try to bring in great talent to attract viewers who might not otherwise tune in. Twitter has been collaborating with the NFL since 2013, so presumably the network has seen a useful commitment by giving the league a formal presence on the app.

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