The occult horror game Night Book kicks off this month

Wales Interactive has announced that their latest horror game, Nightbook, will be released on Xbox One, Series S / X, Playstation 4 & 5, PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS on July 27th. A new announcement trailer for this upcoming live-action, supernatural horror is shown below.


Nightbook is a fully live-action title filmed remotely during the lock, based on the home-based story of Loralyn, a pregnant translator. When the husband is away and the unwell father is upstairs, Loralyn has to make numerous decisions that either put her family in danger or keep them safe. There are several paths and endings to find so much replay value.

Close-up portraits and a great actress, including Julie Dray (Cyberpunk 2077, Avenue 5) and Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Arrow, Die another day) helps to increase the excitement of this supernatural horror.

“Every film is different, but it works Nightbook was a truly unique experience. Filming entirely under COVID constraints meant that every assumption about making a film had to be reconsidered. The project was shot entirely over Zoom, and some scenes took place simultaneously in three countries, and the Actors set up all their own camera packages and props. It was really an honor to work on such an unusual project with so many talented people, and I hope everyone has a lot of fun playing Nightbook like I did, ”said Alex Lightman, Nightbook manager.

Nightbook arrives on PC, consoles and iOS on July 27th. Pre-orders are available for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop.

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