The preview of Marvel’s Heroes Reborn # 1 welcomes us to a world without Avengers

Marvel will introduce us to the world without the Avengers next Wednesday Heroes reborn, and we have an official preview of the start number here…






WORLD WITHOUT AVENGER! Welcome to a world where Tony Stark never built Iron Man Armor. Where Thor is a drinking atheist who despises hammers. Where Wakanda is rejected as a myth. And where Captain America was never found on ice because he was not found. Instead, this world has always been protected by the most powerful heroes on earth, the highest in the American Squadron. And now the squadron is under attack with some of their fiercest enemies, such as Dr. Juggernaut, Black Skull, Silver Weaver, and Thanos with their Infinity Rings. But why is the Daywalker Blade one surviving man who seems to remember that the whole world is somehow … born again?

Heroes Reborn # 1 goes on sale on May 5th.

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