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After a short break, Tata Tiago NRG is ready to return to the Indian market today. We are just a short distance from the 2021 Tata Tiago NRG face launch, which marks the return of the tougher looking Tiago. In 2018, Tata introduced for the first time the NRG version of the entry-level hatchback, which introduced the crossover-themed Tiago to those who wanted to own a vehicle like the SUV. The facelift, of course, brings NRG together with the Tiago facelift launched in early 2020.

With the mid-age upgrade, the Tata Tiago NRG now has the same grille as a standard hatchback (with three-arrow models) and the same bumper; however, it also has an artificial three-groove sliding plate at the front, a heavy body trim wrapped in the underside of the car, thick roof rails and steel wheels shaped to look like alloys. The Tiago NRG facelift is also expected to be available only in a fully loaded, high-quality version with the same 1.2-liter gasoline engine and five-speed manual and AMT options as standard on the Tiago.

Stay tuned as we bring you all the updates live from the release!


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