The refuge puts Apin vs. Monster in a trailer for the Godzilla vs. Kong mockbuster



Movie fans around the world breathed collective relief last month when Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures Godzilla vs. Kong broke the box office revenue, suggesting a possible life after the theater industry COVID.

No one will be as happy to see success factors back on the screen as the people at The Asylum who have wasted little time returning to mock companies by posting their latest bargain Monkey vs. monster.

See the poster and trailer here …


A monkey lost in space falls back to the ground. Sludge seeps from the ship, causing massive growth in both the monkey and the passing Gila monster. Once the creatures have reached a titanic size, their paths cross again and lead to a gigantic struggle in which humanity depends on balance.

Monkey vs. monster is now out and starring Eric Roberts, Shayne Hartigan, Katie Sereika, RJ Wagner, Arianna Scott and Quinn Baker.



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