The researcher finds that the Apple AirTag can be hacked and reprogrammed to cause evil


A German scientist named stacksmashing spread a Tweet about his success by hacking the Apple AirTag tracking device. He turned the microcontroller on the device (though he bricked up two AppleTags while trying to do this) and flashed the microcontroller again, allowing him to make some changes to AirTag’s functions. The change was related to the URL that appears in the notification when an AirTag in a lost state is tapped on an NFC-enabled smartphone (iOS or Android).
When AirTag is set to lost, it sends signals that nearly 1 billion active people can retrieve Apple equipment worldwide. When this “Find Me” network finds an AirTag, “placing the AirTag near an iPhone or NFC-compatible Android device will open a notification directing you to the website of the person who found the lost tag ( including phone number and message.

Hacking comes here. A German investigator changed the notification URL. Instead of notifying the person who found the missing AirTag on, the notification advertised the investigator’s website and added his or her URL.

This should be worrying Apple because AirTag hacking may allow someone to trace a specific AirTag user. Apple is already sending an alert when an AirTag that doesn’t belong is detected as “traveling” with the family. As for the possibility that AirTag could be hacked to create a security problem, it seems that it has proven to be very possible and Apple has to respond.


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