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Film music is certainly not a new phenomenon with a long history of both animation and live action that prove to be incredibly successful among both the audience and the award bodies. Whether it’s 50s and 60s musicals, like Sing in the rain, Guys and dolls, The king and I. or The sound of music the genre has a rich film tradition, and while interest has aroused in recent years, the genre is certainly not as rich as it was during its heyday.

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However, 2021 has become a musical, with some of the year’s most popular titles the much-lauded adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda In The Heights showing a hit with the public and critics. It seems to be the film’s buffer year for Miranda as the director of his debut find, find … Boom! starring Andrew Garfield will be published later in the year. Meanwhile, An expected remake of Steven Spielberg the story of the west is finally due to be published later in the year after its delay in December 2020; the 1961 film conciliation won an incredible 10 Oscars from its 11 nominees and is still considered the greatest film music of all time.


Other musical highlights for the rest of 2021 are Annette, built around the music of the Sparks band, which is the band’s buffer year, also released a documentary from Edgar Wright. The film stars Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. The early glimpses shown in the film have made this one of the most anticipated films of the year in critical circles. While it has stellar power in its niche starting point, it’s interesting to see how this film pays off in box office. Dear Evan Hansen and Everyone is talking to Jamie They are based on successful stage products and are likely to prove themselves pleasing to the audience, highlighting the amount of musical riches available to the public in 2021.


Construction until 2021, from the turn of the millennium Chicago, Red mill, Les evil and The greatest actor proved to be very successful. Jukebox musicals like Mamma Mia films have also found audiences as well as increased interest in biopsy; Dexter Fletcher Rocket man Describing Elton John’s life as a stylish musical won widespread praise and was seen by many as a fitting way to tell the story of its music icon rather than the syncing of the lips to the original artist, as had happened Bohemian Rhapsody just a few months before. Fletcher had also directed a very successful one Sunshine at Leith in 2013, inspired by the music of the Scottish band The Proclaimers. La La Landin The huge success in 2016-17 showed that the musical still has room to be both a darling of the awards and a great success with the audience, with a gross size of nearly $ 450 million worldwide, 15 times its budget.


The huge number of musicals to be released in 2021 shows that this is not one size that fits all genres and everyone appeals to different populations, while some are likely to offer more niches than others; there certainly seems to be a substantial mainstream appeal In The Heights although its ticket revenue is not entirely expected, and the story of the west a remake of the iconic classic from the most famous filmmakers of all time should help improve its profile. Whether this will continue until 2022 is yet to be seen, but we are promised a new version Guys and dolls and customizing Netflix 13 and a movie version of the movie Matilda musical as well Billy Elliot musical I will mention just a few offers that I hope should be pleasing to both the public and critics.

What do you think of modern film music? What are your favorites, and what are you looking forward to? Tell us on our social channels @ flickeringmyth …

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