The revamped iPad mini is reportedly starting this fall


Apple plans to release a new iPad mini with “the biggest redesign [its] nine-year history ’this autumn, Bloombergin Mark Gurman reported (through 9to5Mac). The new device is expected to have thinner frames, a larger screen, faster performance and a design reminiscent of Apple’s new iPad Air last year, MacRumors notes. It could be a big shake for Apple’s smallest tablet, whose design has remained remarkably consistent ever since debut in 2012.

The news agrees Bloombergprevious report on a future device that it said last month could dig a home button to enable a narrower display frame. Reports of the iPad Air-style design suggest it could use a Touch ID sensor built into the side-mounted power button. Last year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple’s next iPad mini may have an 8.5- to 9-inch screen, compared to the mini’s 7.9-inch screen. Kuo has also previously suggested a future iPad mini could use a similar Mini-LED display to what we saw recently Apple’s largest iPad Pro.

The new iPad mini would be the next generation tablet redesign in 2019 which added support for the Apple Pencil pen alongside the faster A12 processor. In addition to the new iPad mini, Gurman also says Apple has another Apple Silicon-powered iMac on the road with a larger screen than new 24 inch model. The new device is intended to replace the current Intel-powered 27-inch model.

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