The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 will get the new Galaxy S21 camera feature


We have seen it before SamsungExclusive flagship features that come with mid-range devices or older high-end phones, so it’s no surprise that a South Korean company will continue to do so to maintain the loyalty of its customers. The most recent example is the Galaxy S21’s Director’s View, which allows users to switch between all rear cameras and see the feed while capturing videos. Galaxy S21 users can record videos with front and rear cameras simultaneously. It’s a useful feature for those who want a little more from their flagship cameras. Unfortunately, it was only available Galaxy S21 assembly until recently.

Fortunately, it seems that Samsung has decided to offer it to older flagships available in some form, such as Galaxy S20 and Note 20. SamMobile reports that in addition to the May security patch, Samsung will introduce a new camera option Galaxy S20 and Annex 20 a configuration that allows users to record videos on both the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

The new feature is called “Dual Recording” and should be available in the camera app after installing the May 2021 update. The new camera option still lacks Director’s View, but its main features exist and you can use it if you own one of Samsung’s flagships last year.


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