The Samsung Galaxy S20 series upgrade brings more camera enhancements


Galaxy S20 will receive its monthly security patch this week, but Samsung added a few changes to this update. If you’ve been a little disappointed with your phone’s camera performance (even if you shouldn’t), you’re in luck.

Last Galaxy S20 the update is intended to improve the overall performance of the camera. While this can mean anything, including improving image quality or processing speed, at least we know that something should work better.

In addition, the update should also improve file sharing between Galaxy devices that use Instant Share, and of course, phone security is now up to date thanks to the May security patch.

Now, this update, while it may seem small, weighs in at 600MB, so you’ll probably want to download it over a Wi-Fi connection instead of over a cellular network. By SamMobile, an update is currently underway in Germany, but we suspect it will take too long to expand to other countries.


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