The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 share the same release date as the S21 FE


Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note will not come this year, and it looks like the series has been killed. The company apparently wants to direct Note users to the new foldable Galaxy Z smartphones, which may follow the same release schedule as the Note 20.

Last year’s Z Flip 5G, which was a more powerful, 5G-compatible version of the OG Flip, was released in August. Galaxy Z Fold 2 went on sale in September and the Galaxy S21 FE went on sale in October.

Samsung apparently hopes that the simultaneous release of the new smartphones will fill the gap left by the Galaxy Note. Appendix 20 was available for purchase on August 2nd.

The company also doesn’t want the release gap between the Galaxy S21 series and its new flagships to be too large. Samsung’s latest flagships got off to a strong start, but demand may be began to peterize.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is more affordable than the Z Flip 5G

The report also confirms the rumor that said Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be cheaper than the Flip 5G. In Korea, it is expected to cost about 500,000 South Korean watts (~ $ 450). Z Flip had a profit of 1.65 million (~ $ 1483) at launch.

In the United States, the Z Flip 5G had a release price of $ 1,449, but was later reduced to $ 1,199. The price of the Z Flip 3 is $ 990-1 $ 1199.

The price of the Fold 2 has also dropped to $ 200, and the Z Fold 3 is expected to at least match the new $ 1,799 price tag.

Today ‘s report also claims that Galaxy S21 FE the retail price is 700,000 won (~ $ 629), which means it costs about the same as the S20 FE, which was priced at $ 699 at the time of release.


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