The Samsung One UI Watch is here and will use the next Galaxy Watch


The Samsung One UI Watch is here and will use the next Galaxy Watch

Nearly two months after Samsung and Google announced combined Wear platform for smartwatches, Samsung has returned to a customized software experience that will be used in the future Galaxy Watch models – One interface clock.

Samsung Galaxy watches and phones combine seamlessly

The purpose of the One UI Watch interface is to better combine the software experience Samsung offers on smartphones and smartwatches by opening access to even more applications and simplifying tasks.

An example of this is Samsung’s approach to downloading applications. With a single interface, clock-compatible apps are automatically added to the Galaxy Watch when the user downloads the main app to the smartphone.

Smaller software changes than the unified clock experience on all Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy watches are central to the Wear-supported update and show Samsung’s attention to detail.

If you have set the Clock app on your phone to display the time in London and Los Angeles, these times are automatically displayed each time you open the Clock app on a One UI Watch-enabled portable device.

Another feature enabled by Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch software is Contact Block Sync Support. In other words, if you block a call or message on the watch, the contact is automatically blocked on your phone as well.

Visually, the One UI Watch is designed to be as familiar as possible. It has many visual elements used by the standard One UI software, and the Settings clock app closely resembles what is on your Galaxy phone.

You can expect access to more apps and clocks than ever before

While Samsung’s Tizen operating system has served it well over the years, customers have often complained about the lack of third-party applications available from the platform.

Google and Samsung’s combined Wear platform will solve the problem with the introduction of Play Store support. You will be able to use apps like Spotify or YouTube Music, Strava or Adidas Running, Calm or Sleep Cycle and even Google Maps.

In addition to applications, the South Korean giant hopes that developers will create tons of new dials for One UI Watch. It announced the introduction of an improved dialer design tool that makes it easier than ever to create.

If that’s not enough, Samsung has reiterated its promise of better battery life and better performance in future One UI Watch-powered smart watches.

Samsung One UI watch release date and Galaxy Watch compatibility

Both One UI Watch and the new, unified Wear software platform “debut An uncompressed event later this summer“With the new Galaxy Watch – expected to be Galaxy Watch 4 that leaked recently.

The bad news for current Galaxy Watch users is that Samsung is not bringing an update to the Tizen-powered models. Instead, Samsung has promised to offer at least three years of Tizen software support.

In summary, if you want to use One UI Watch and the Google Play Store, you’ll have to purchase one of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch models when they arrive on the shelves later this quarter.

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