The sawmill book director explains why the puppet Billy isn’t back


Thus the franchise is scheduled to return on May 14 in the ninth installment Spiral: Saw from the bookhowever, one of the staples in the series does not appear.


In an interview Radio Times, Spiral director Darren Lynn Bousman explained that puppet Billy will not return to the franchise series because the series wants to stand out from Tobin Bell’s puzzle / John Kramer and the new puzzle assassin.

“If I was brought in to direct Saha 9, it would be a much different thing than directing Spiral, and I think it’s important for me to separate the two, ”Bousman said. “And I didn’t want to offend the fans by trying to make another puzzle because there’s only one Tobin Bell and no one can hold a candle for what he brought to that character. So I wanted to go a whole different way for me. I wanted the killer to be so different from a puzzle no comparison. They’re different people. So when you start that road, you have to change all sorts. Because if you change the Jigsaw store, you have to change the doll, too. “

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The sadistic principal liberates the twisted legal form in SPIRAL, a terrible new chapter from the SAW book. Working under the guise of a respected police veteran (Samuel L.Jackson), the brazen detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and his newcomer partner (Max Minghella) receive a grief investigation into murders reminiscent of attacks on the city. creepy past. Zeke inadvertently finds himself in a deepening mystery and is in the middle of a killer hospital game.

Spiral: Saw from the book have been written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, who also wrote the final installment for 2017 Puzzle, Darren Lynn Bousman returns to direct the film previously directed Saha II, Saha IIIand Saha IV. The film stars Chris Rock, Samuel L.Jackson, Max Minghella and Marisol Nichols.

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