The set will receive an official translation into Irish

Ancient Language and one of last year’s most popular video games have come across the launch of official localization in Ireland Among us. The very popular sci-fi-whodunnit game is now available in Irish starting this month.

The project was led by a fluent Irish speaker, author, content producer Úna-Minh Kavanagh and Twitch streamer Kerry in the south-west of Ireland. After him Twitter attention text The official version received an enthusiastic response. Callum Underwood contacted Robot Teddy, a consulting firm supporting Innersloth developer. Among us. Kavanagh and a number of translators around the world set to work to translate their Irish modified version into official localization.

“During the pandemic, of course, many people flocked to the outlet to keep them occupied and connected to their friends, and for me, one of these outlets was Among us, ”He explains. “Before Among us was even on the card, even though I had joined a group of translation enthusiasts, and we dived into large-scale projects and translations. What appealed to us was that [Among Us] was significantly smaller than the games we tried to compile, and it was a game in use at the right time. “

For the past five months, localization quality control manager Michaël Lelièvre Lockit of QA has been working with the team on a mammoth task that included hundreds of sentences of translation, editing, and testing that needed to be added to the game.

“Four of us worked on translation; Cormac Cinnsealach and I are both Irish, Brian C. Mac Giolla Mhuire is Canadian but in Norway and Mike Drinkwater in New Zealand. Three of us were in relatively close time zones, so all in all, it was just that we got the translations done, checked, revised and of course also tested, ”says Lelièvre. “It was extremely important to us to make the translation not only as accurate and high quality as possible, but also that it was truly localized and sensible.”

To complete the final version, it was required to sprinkle the surrender license on even the most important “wolves” (something like “ciontach” means guilt, as Kavanagh explained in Irish to the Inquisitor On Twitter).

“Not all terms were available in the dictionary, so we had to think about what would be a suitable equivalent. For QuickChat, it’s really built for those who can’t type on the keyboard, and thus uses a certain number of words that can be used at the touch of a button, ”Kavanagh says. “This caused a few problems with the Irish because we have a special grammar that uses VSO (verb, subject, object). English uses SVO such as French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Russian. We also don’t have in Irish, yes or no. Instead, the verb reflects the positive or the negative, so such things certainly gave us a break to reflect! “

In Ireland, where language is a compulsory subject in school but is often criticized for an uninspired, outdated way of teaching, the introduction of games as Irish opens the door to more enthusiastic use. “Games offer a pleasant way to learn languages. Players need to have information that they then need to respond to, and interactivity facilitates faster learning, ”Drinkwater says. “And the games are fun, so it’s not a nuisance.”

Only 4.2 per cent of Irish people claim to speak their national language on a daily basis outside the education system, so Kavanagh believes that the normalization of the Irish language outside the classroom is key. “In order for them to continue to enjoy the language and immerse themselves in it, it has to be outside of it. You don’t realize how much you sink when you play, you really get into the area,” he says.

Although the big game hasn’t been translated into Irish for the first time, Mac Giolla Mhuire worked earlier Irish version PUBG – this is a huge victory for the minority language. “Ireland is a language with a large and growing minority, but it is ignored in current affairs, especially in terms of technology and modern media,” Cinnsealach says. “Translation Among us is arguably the first major translation in Irish of a very popular game. It is a cultural victory for the Irish community. “

Kavanagh agrees: “Not only [in] games, but it is usually important that modern things are available in Irish. We have the phrase “ar son na cúise” which means “cause / cause” and that is why we do it. We cannot trust the government to decide to change things. You just have to go for it. “

Among us is just the beginning of the Irish language in the gaming world, and Kavanagh already has goals in new projects. “I would be over the moon seeing a similar game Skyrim translated, ”he says. “But to be honest, it requires more than just four people. The game is huge, because it has a lot of stories, context, and dialect differences that if we did, we probably should have started it 10 years ago!”

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