The Simpsons gather for MCU crossover The Good, The Bart and The Loki


Let’s follow May Star Wars crossover, Disney has announced that a brand new Marvel-themed The Simpsons short is coming to Disney + next week this year The Simpsons: Good, Bart and Loki, according to which Tom Hiddleston repeats his MCU role as a god of evil. See the official key skills here …


In the works “Good, Bart and Loki” Loki is expelled again from Asgard, and he must face his toughest opponents: the Simpsons and the most powerful heroes of Springfield. The God of Evil is collaborating with Bart Simpson in the final crossover event, honoring the Marvel Cinematic Universe for superheroes and villains.

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The Simpsons: Good, Bart and Loki premiered at Disney + on Wednesday, July 7th. Meanwhile, new episodes of Marvel Studios ’Log will be premiered live on Wednesdays. Read the review of our latest episode here.

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