The Spectrum TV app has returned to Roku’s channel store after being pulled


Rock users who have not been able to get the Charter Spectrum TV app through the platform’s channel store can do so again after they have not been able to download it for months.

Roku announced today on his blog that new and existing users can use Spectrum TV on its devices by logging in to the app with their Charter credentials or registering an account through Roku. The agreement resolves an ongoing shipping dispute that resulted in Roku taking the Spectrum TV app off the market in December. The companies issued a joint statement on Tuesday stating that they have both entered into a “mutually beneficial agreement to renew the distribution of the Spectrum TV app.”

“As a result of the reform, the Spectrum TV app is now available for download from the Roku channel store,” the companies write. “We are excited to renew our partnership and provide this wonderful streaming experience to our shared customers.”

When the app was removed from the Roku store in December, users who had already installed it could continue to use it without interrupting the service. However, all the new users who hoped to access their service through the platform were lucky. Spectrum offered a opinion when Roku has “sought to reach an agreement” but has not accepted Spectrum’s offer to extend our agreement.

Neither company provided more information about the deal, but Roku has seen similar support disputes before – even with some of the biggest streaming players. In April, Roku pulled YouTube TV from the store, although Google soon after added support direct TV service to the primary YouTube app, which provides users with a workaround. HBO Max in particular only arrived on the Roku platform In December last year, about six months after the official release of the service.

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