The Starlink mobile app will receive a major update when SpaceX exceeds 90,000 active users


SpaceX’s Starlink mobile app received a refreshing update this week, making it easier to find clear clouds and disconnect – and add a new dark space to the interface. The enhancements to the app were released yesterday when SpaceX reported 90,000 active users in an open “better than nothing” beta that covers rural areas in 12 different countries so far.

The “Completely Updated and Refurbished” version, as described by SpaceX in the Apple App Store Change Log, includes a new way to check your environment for obstacles before installing a Starlink terminal. Like the previous method, the app directs users to scan their environment with their phone cameras, but the new version creates a small dome around the Starlink container that covers any obstacles marked with different colors. Reddit users looked impressed.

The new update also allows users to track how often the Starlink service is interrupted by a new downtime log which visualizes the data usage, latency, and uptime.

SpaceX has launched 1,740 Starlink satellites since 2019 and is the world’s largest satellite operator with approximately 1,650 orbits (after some orbits). Company told the Federal Communications Commission (PDF) on Monday, Starlink has about 90,000 active users, including both individual households and various government users such as schools, cities and fire departments.

The potential of Starlink, a massive Internet space service, to sustain the market for grounded broadband material may be attractive, but the company has ways to move forward, As we said in the May review. SpaceX has updated its Starlink app a few times since, and Monday’s update is the biggest so far.

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