The Steam Deck reservation crashed on Steam immediately

Valve officially disclosed its portable PC game machine only a day ago, but it was apparently enough to spread the word – when Steam Deck went to pre-order today at 1pm ET, player demand knocked Steam in the loop as the store produced an error after the error. Seemingly, each step produced a new pit: two-step authentication, if you hadn’t signed in, some signed-in accounts had to sign in again, credit card checks, even a nonsensical response from the system that caught established Steam accounts to be ”too new“participate.

Other parts of the steam were also flakes during pre-order interest. The entire Steam store, Steam’s community pages, and the age gate that allows you to view adult titles didn’t always work this morning.

Two Verge the editors managed to go through the booking process and put $ 5 in their Steam wallet to finally book the Steam Deck with little luck and a lot of refreshing. One is still stuck in the process.

Steam Deck server busy message

Steam Deck server busy message.
Photo: Richard Lawler

Typical Steam Deck subscription error.

Typical Steam Deck subscription error.
Photo: Sean Hollister

The booking system decided to lock people in new or unused accounts for the first 48 hours, so it’s hard to know if the problems were due to demand from the right people don’t let your handheld go, or if bot operators found some blocking. One Verge the reporter confirmed that his credit card company did not block the transaction even after receiving Steam error messages suggesting it.

On the customer side, it felt as difficult, if not more so, than getting recent high-demand products like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Replace the OLED. The mess almost did not rise to the level of problems we have been trying to get a new graphics card, but if someone finds out how to dig cryptocurrency Zen 2 chip inside, then it may change.

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