The Steelrising trailer shows the rise of the robots


NACON and developer Spiders have released a new trailer for their upcoming action game, Steelrising. The new trailer (below) reveals a little more detail about the events behind the revolt of these clock robots in alternative Paris in 1789.


In the real world, in 1789 in France, the French Revolution began, it was a time when the French, attacked Bastille, overthrew the monarchy and got rid of all those called the Ancient Régime by chopping their heads. However Steelrising the revolution has been halted by a powerful automatic clock machine. At the time, King Louis XVI was an ardent defender of watchmaking and had built an army of robots capable of stopping this revolt.

The king’s watchmaking army is powerful and cruel, without a heart and only given orders, they cut the assault through Paris, massacre men, women and children. They don’t save anyone. Among all the deaths and destruction is the watch movement of Queen Marie-Antoinette, known as Aegis. With this excellent robot control, players have to navigate a crawling city with mechanical enemies and take part in challenging battles that test the player’s skills.

Steelrising -_- Uprising-Trailer-0-42-screenshot-e1623491041168-600x280

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