The stunning Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Flip 3 concept makes for a leaked design


The Galaxy Z for Fold 3 and Flip 3 appeared online. Now the leak-based concept characters have been divided

gives us a clearer picture of Samsung’s next folding parts.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

From the front, Galaxy Z Fold 3 should not look too different from the current generation model. In fact, the biggest difference is said to be what is hidden under the big screen – it is expected to be around 7.55 inches. Galaxy Fold it had a notch and the Fold 2 chose a subtle punching hole, the Fold 3 is expected to use the camera technology below the screen to hide the selfie sensor. It would be the first for Samsung to currently use punching technology in all premium devices and should strengthen the phone’s position as one of the most interesting phones are expected in 2021.

Flipping your foldable smartphone reveals an updated camera bump, although the design may not scream Samsung and somehow reminiscent of the look of Sony’s recent flagships.

The large rectangular camera body used by Samsung last year has been replaced with a more subtle one. It has three cameras – presumably the same camera Galaxy S21 and LED flash.

The other side of the phone has a high external display. It is expected to support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, like the bigger one, and will retain the hole.

All of the above is known to involve S Pen support. Stylus compatibility has been rumored since the original Galaxy Fold release, and the leaked promotional material claims that 2021 is the year Samsung finally makes the leap, even if you shouldn’t wait dedicated S Pen card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

If the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is too big, come Galaxy Z Flip 3 may be the perfect fold for you. It offers a 6.7-inch screen, like previous-generation models, only this time with a refresh rate of 120 Hz planned.

Behind is Samsung, which is said to have spent most of its time. Gone is the one-tone finish on the original designs and instead a new two-tone finish that resembles Pixel 2 XL.

All Galaxy Z Flip The three variants have a black glass piece on the back, which also has updated dual camera settings. It also comes with an LED flash and a larger secondary display that is rumored to measure almost 1.4inches, 1.1 inches upwards.

The rest of the back panel comes in the finish you choose. The supposed promotional material hinted at a selection of colors including purple, green, beige and gray, which are coincidental colors that are expected to be available in the United States.

The international market is also available in black, navy blue, pink and white versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Flip 3 announcement, release date, price

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are expected to debut unpacked event in July. Pricing is still a mystery, but the current generation Galaxy Z Flip 5G is available for $ 1199, while the Fold 2 costs $ 1,999.

The launch should take place shortly after the official announcement. But again, there is no concrete information floating around.

In terms of technical features, it is believed that both foldable smartphones will be shipped inside Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. The main differences between Samsung’s base models are likely to be found in the storage and RAM departments.


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