The success of Pixel 6 – either way – doesn’t just depend on its excellence


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Last Google Pixel 6 is leaking Show a radically revamped phone that marks a new direction, a reboot for Google’s phone department, which was left in life support without a real flagship launched in 2020.

Evidence of this was record low sales expectations for the new one Pixel series. Even Google itself did not expect to produce more than 3 million 2020 pixels and was is scheduled to produce only 800,000 Pixel 5 phones by 2020. This is only a fraction of the company’s sales last year: IDC estimates that in 2019, Google sold 7.2 million Pixel phones, a significant difference. Yes, we are talking here about really rising from the dead.

So here’s the Pixel 6 story so far: We’ve leaked design images with two phones, a compact version, probably Pixel 6, and then a bigger phone that might be called Pixel 6 XL or Pixel 6 Pro. Both have an identical design when the cameras are centered on this fine protruding glass strip and reminds us of a Daft Punk helmet.

Is this a new chip made by Google?

However, it’s not just about looks. Google has been working on a custom ARM chip for years, and the Pixel 6 product family is the first product expected to receive it eventually. Google CEO honcho Sundar Pichai has been paving us for just this moment Google Conference Calls by saying which we should expect “Major product updates and announcements”.

At their heart is this new chip, currently known by the code name “Whitechapel”. And of course, while it’s hoped it’s a watershed similar to Apple’s M1 release, Android Police has been investigating rumored specs and anticipating more of the upper-mid-range chip rather than the Snapdragon 888 killer. Whatever it is, Google’s self-developed should offer several benefits, even if it isn’t the most powerful chip on the market.

With or without the fastest chip on Earth, the Google Pixel 6 is definitely a “significant” launch for the company. The radical new design of the phone is the same as probably a completely new look for Android 12, at the same time with the new processor, at the same time with the new camera sensor for the first time in a few years. All the stars are in line. Fingers crossed it, it’s a great phone.

However, the skeptic in me has to point out that Google needs a little more than a great phone to make this work. It needs a phone that people can really buy. And it hasn’t been quite its strength … ever.

The biggest weakness of pixel phones

From the beginning of the assembly and up to the fourth generation, Pixel phones were sold exclusively on Verizon Wireless, which means that the vast majority of customers in the United States could not buy it, even if they wanted to. The exclusivity eventually ended Pixel 4 family, but unfortunately it also happened to be one of Google’s worst releases because of the lower battery life of the phones and a number of experimental technologies, such as gesture controls that barely work and had little practical benefit.

Pixel phones are also notoriously difficult to buy internationally: availability is limited to just a few countries, while Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones can be found almost anywhere in the world.

We really hope that Google will not only focus on the laser for making the Pixel 6 an insanely cool phone, but that it will also plan production and expand availability so that people can actually buy it.

Pixel 6 is a watershed moment for Google and the entire industry

This is indeed a watershed: LG has just exited the smartphone, and traditional phone manufacturers, well-known brands like Motorola, Sony, Nokia and everyone else, are slowly but surely losing their relevance. The expansion of Chinese phone manufacturers, on the other hand, has been blocked as Huawei enters the U.S. entity list and others do not yet fill the gap.

The year 2021 is an opportunity for Google to make it big, and we’re really curious to see if the company is really ready to take that opportunity.


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