The successor to Bose’s hugely popular QC35 headphones is leaking early


Bose seems to be releasing a follower to his loved ones QuietComfort 35 noise-canceling wireless headphones, judging by the appearance FCC archiving For QuietComfort 45, WinFuture reports.

It’s a major release for Bose, which launched QC35 five years ago in 2016, and since then we’ve released only a small update Add a Google Assistant button next year. It has been so long that the QC35 still comes with a micro-USB port instead of USB-C, which WinFuture the notes seem to change with the new headphones. In between years, Bose has released more expensive ones Noise canceling headphones 700, but it has considered QC35s to be a cheaper option.

Otherwise, the images that came with the FCC archive suggest that Bose is stuck pretty close to the current design for future headphones. That’s great for us – the QC35’s feather-light and comfortable, albeit slightly conservative design doesn’t need attachment – because the insides of the Bose headphones can use an upgrade.

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