The supernatural horror of the Amityville Poltergeist releases the trailer and poster



Ahead of his digital and DVD release next week, a poster and trailer has arrived in the supernatural horror of author-director Calvin McCarthy. Amityville Poltergeist who follows a young man who takes a housekeeping job and soon realizes that the house is not as empty as it seems; check them out here …


The young man faces horror over the weekend after taking housekeeping work from an unusually scary old woman. Interviewing the caretaker’s job, the old woman, Rebecca Morse, says she’s not afraid of anyone getting into the house, she’s more afraid of what’s already in the house. When the day turns into night, the doors start to hit, the steps start to tighten and the ghosts come to play or kill…

Amityville Poltergeist stars Parris Bates, Sydney Winbush, J. Rececca Morse, Conor Austin, Jesse Sass, Airisa Durand and Jon Hall.

Amityville Poltergeist will arrive on VOD and DVD on May 18th.


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