The surgical surgeon shouts platforms from COVID-19 misinformation

Thursday surgeon published a new report urging social media platforms to make new investments in the fight against online coronation virus abuse.

The report calls on society as a whole to work to address the misuse of vaccines and coronaviruses, including large-scale recommendations for companies such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Surgeon Vivek Murthy specifically urges companies to redesign their algorithms “to avoid the proliferation of misinformation.” He also suggests that they build more “friction” on sharing features that encourage users to rethink whether to share a message with false information.

Murthy also recommends that platforms define “clear consequences for accounts that repeatedly violate platform policies,” such as imposing broader bans and suspensions to share false information.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube did not respond immediately to comments.

Last December Facebook promised to delete all false COVID-19 vaccine information after criticizing the role of the forum in disseminating false information. Prior to the move, Facebook only removed related misinformation that could cause “immediate physical harm.” At present, vaccine policy covers all content that has been “dismantled by public health experts.”

“While misinformation about health has always been a problem, it is now spreading at an unprecedented rate and scale,” the report states. “We are all still learning to navigate in this new information environment. But we know enough to be sure that misinformation is an urgent threat and that we can and must face it together. “

The rear warning comes amid growing incidents and deaths from COVID-19 and is among the most unvaccinated population. Statistics of disease control centers shows an average of more than 20,000 new cases a day in the United States. Deaths associated with COVID-19, a typically backward indicator, have also begun to shrink upward.

In addition to misinformation, the White House has launched a series of events that encourage people to get vaccinated. On Wednesday, popular actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo joined President Joe Biden at the White House to inspire young people to be vaccinated.

“It’s important to talk to friends and family,” Rodrigo said at a news conference on Wednesday, “and really get to a vaccination site that you can do more easily than ever before.”

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