The Tournament of Champions gets a new poster


A new poster for the sequel to Adam Robitel’s Psychological Horror has been published in front of the July theatrical release Escape Room: Champions Tournament; take a look here …

Escape Room-2-600x750

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is a sequel to the ticket-inspired psychological thriller that terrifies audiences around the world.
In this batch, six people are inadvertently locked in another set of escape rooms, slowly revealing a common one to survive … and noticing that they have all played the game before.

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Escape Room: Champions Tournament stars Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Indya Moore, Thomas Cocquerel, Holland Roden, Isabelle Fuhrman and Carlito Olivero.

ESCAPE-ROOM_-TURNA-CHAMPIONS-OFFICIAL-Trailer-HD -_- In theaters-July-16-2-30-screenshot-600x289

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions arrives at movie theaters on July 16th.

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