The TRON costume collaboration comes with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Mediatonic and Disney have begun importing costumes from the 1982 hit film, TRON, and the 2010 sequel, TRON: Inheritance, that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Starting May 24, players can dress their jelly beans in either Tron, Sark, Quorra and Rinzler.

Bring the costumes of the Tron movies to your character on May 24 with one of these iconic outfits, each with its own glowing circle for a sci-fi look.

TRON is a timeless family story of familiar computer entities that are forced to compete with each other in ruthless competition under the leadership of mysterious users, ”said Jeff Tanton, Creative Director at Mediatonic. “So of course it was almost impossible to draw clear parallels between this Disney classic and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Season 4! Fortunately, the good people at Disney agree that TRON the costumes just looked admirable and that we should go ahead anyway! “

This cooperation also coincides Fortnite re-presenting his retrofuturistic Tron costume collection from Chapter 2, Period 5.

Be sure to check out these costumes on May 24th and enjoy the retro-futuristic aesthetics of Season 4.


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