The U.S. Senate approves a large bill to combat China’s technical threat, authorizing $ 190 billion in research


The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday, 68-32, to pass a comprehensive legislative package aimed at improving the country’s ability to compete with Chinese technology.

The desire for a hard line in relations with China is one of the few bilateral opinions in the deeply divided U.S. Congress, which is tightly controlled by the President. Joe Biden fellow Democrat.

The measure would allow reserves of approximately $ 190 billion (approximately SEK 1,384,980) to strengthen U.S. technology and research – and would separately approve spending $ 54 billion (approximately SEK 393,690) to increase U.S. manufacturing and semiconductor and telecommunications research. equipment, including $ 2 billion (approximately SEK 14,580), dedicated to chips used by automakers who have experienced a massive shortage and made significant production cuts.

The bill must pass the House of Representatives, which will be sent to the White House to sign Biden. It is unclear what Parliament’s legislation looks like or when it might introduce it.

There are several other provisions related to China in the bill, including a ban on the use of social media TikTok charging for government equipment and would prevent the purchase of drones manufactured and sold by Chinese government-backed companies. It would also allow diplomats and the Taiwanese military to display their flags and wear their uniforms while in official businesses in the United States.

It would also create extensive new mandatory sanctions against Chinese communities engaging in U.S. cyber attacks or the theft of U.S. companies ’intellectual property rights, and provide for a review of export controls on products that could be used to support human rights violations.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a supporter of the measure, warned of the serious consequences of research funding in order to stay involved in China.

“If we do nothing, our day as the ruling superpower may be coming to an end. We do not mean that you will let these days end at our time. We do not mean that America will become a Middle Nation in this century,” Schumer said.

Biden praised the bill: “We’re competing to win the 21st century, and the starting weapon is gone … We can’t be compromised.”

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo has said the funding could lead to seven to ten new U.S. semiconductor plants.

Many U.S. companies praised the decline. General Motors Co. said the legislation “is an important step in addressing the semiconductor shortage, which continues to affect the U.S. auto industry.”

Some critics have likened the Senate’s funding efforts to pushing China’s high-tech industrial development called “Made in China 2025,” which has long disturbed the United States.

The legislation also seeks to combat Beijing’s growing global influence through diplomacy, working with allies and increasing U.S. participation in international organizations following former Republican President Donald Trump’s “America First” document.

Senator Maria Cantwell stated that the bill would be approved NASA expenditure and their Artemis mission to the Moon.

“As China has made it clear, they are going to Mars, we are going back to the Moon to prepare to go to Mars,” Cantwell said.

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