The UK and EU are publishing competition protections on Facebook Marketplace and Dating


Six months after the Federal Trade Commission demanded it The breakdown of Facebook, both the EU and the UK have launched formal competition inquiries into the social media giant.

Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Dating are the subject of research

the European Commission launches antitrust inquiry into Facebook to find out whether the company has infringed EU competition rules by collecting information from advertisers to compete against them through classified ads. The Commission also wants to investigate whether Facebook Marketplace’s advertising platform is unfairly tied to the social network itself. In her statement, Margrethe Vestager, Vice-President of the Commission, stated:

Great Britain Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has simultaneously launched its own investigation of Facebook. It also focuses on whether Facebook has used the information collected from users to gain an unfair advantage over competitors, in particular a UK study examining how the company has been able to use advertising and single sign-on services for products such as Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Dating. CMA CEO Andrea Coscelli said in a statement:

If the UK CMA concludes that Facebook is in breach of competition law, the company will be fined up to 10% of global turnover. Based on 2020 revenue figures, that would mean a fine of up to $ 8.6 billion. The CMA may also issue “legally binding instructions to terminate the violation.”

The UK and EU Facebook probes are independent, although both work closely together. In the opinion Bloomberg, Facebook said it “will continue to fully cooperate with the surveys to show that they are not merit. We are constantly developing new and better services to meet the changing demand of Facebook users’ people.”

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