The university is developing a system that could charge your phone in just five minutes


The university is developing a system that could charge your phone in just five minutes

Last month Xiaomi previewed the new battery charging system called the 200 W HyperCharge, which lasts a 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in just eight minutes. However, no phone is made by the custom Mi 11 Xiaomi currently supports HyperCharge. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Cambridge are known to have developed a new technology for lithium-ion batteries (of the same type in smartphones) that has the ability to fill to 100 percent power in just five minutes.
By Independent, this system is “affordable” and works by figuring out how to maximize battery charging cycles, helping them charge faster without causing overheating. The study was led by Dr Ashkay Rao of Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, who said: “We found that lithium-ion batteries have different speed limits depending on whether they are charging or discharging.
Dr. Rao said that “during charging, the speed depends on how fast lithium ions can pass through the active material particles. When discharged, the speed depends on how fast the ions are pushed to the edges. If we can control these two mechanisms, it would allow lithium ion batteries to charge much faster. “

To maximize the potential of typically slow-charging lithium-ion batteries, Cambridge found a way to monitor changes in the charge discharge cycle and look for ways to increase cycle speed. Another author of the report, Dr. Christoph Schnedermann of Cavendish Laboratory, says: “This laboratory-based technology we have developed offers a huge change in the speed of technology so we can keep up with the fast-moving internal operation of the battery.”

Dr. Schnedermann added: “The fact that we can actually see these phase boundaries recharge in real time was really surprising. This technology could be an important part of the puzzle in developing the next generation of batteries.”

We may one day be able to fully charge your phone in five minutes. But that day is still not as close as we would like it to be. Still, advances in smartphone battery technology are slow but steady.

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