The unopened Super Mario Bros. song will sell for a record $ 2 million


The anonymous buyer paid $ 2 million for the unopened copy Super Mario Bros.. according to the Rally of the collectible. First to report New York times, the selling price of the 1985 game broke a record set less than a month ago when a sealed copy of the game Super Mario 64 cost $ 1.56 million at auction.

Over the past year, the record for the most expensive video game has been broken several times as demand for childhood collectibles remains hot. Last July, a copy Super Mario Bros.. cost $ 114,000 at auction. In November, a copy Super Mario Bros.3 broke the record and sold $ 156,000 at auction. Then this record was crushed in April after a copy Super Mario Bros.. cost $ 660,000 at auction, followed by a copy in July Legend of Zelda that cost $ 870,000.

While most of the records were broken for vintage games sold at auctions, $ 2 million Super Mario Brop. sales went a little different route. Rally buy games and other collectibles such as comic books, and make them small businesses where people can buy stocks like investments. If someone makes an offer to buy a collectible, investors will vote to sell it. Rally bought Super Mario Bros.. game for $ 140,000 last April Times reported, and shareholders approved the sale to an anonymous collector.

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