The update lets you choose a background theme for the Google iOS widget


The update lets you choose a background theme for the Google iOS widget

Last year when Apple released iOS 14, it came with Android-style widgets that could be placed on almost any iPhone home screen. And to make the Google Apps widget for iOS more attractive, Google offers a variety of themed backgrounds, including one option that changes the wallpaper daily. The Google Widget has two different options, including a small 1×1 box that lets you tap the name of the name you’re looking for.
The background theme is available for the larger version of the widget, which includes a search box and options at the bottom of the voice search, lens, and incognito mode. To install the Google Widget, find a blank area on your iPhone screen and hold it down until apps go into “swing mode.” Tap the “+” button in the upper left corner of the screen and type in the Google search widget field.
A smaller 1×1 box appears under the “Search” heading. Scroll left to see a larger version and press the blue “Add Widget” button at the bottom of the screen. To customize the widget background, open the Google app and tap your profile avatar in the top right corner. Mene General > Widgets > Widget theme and yousee list of seven options.

The options are System, Light. and Dark. System means the widget is in light or dark mode, depending on how iOS is set on iPhone. Light and Dark put the widget in a light or dark state of your choice. There are four options left for the background theme: I, Travel, Abstract artand Uniform colors.

Each of these four options can be chosen as the widget’s background theme, or you can select “Update Daily” to sport a new look every day. If you have not yet received new themes, it may be because the update has not yet arrived on your phone. You can always go to the App Store and install The latest version of the Google app to see if it becomes a trick.

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