The water resistance meter checks the waterproofing of your phone without water


Water resistance meter, available from the Google Play Store and noticed Android police, falls strictly into the category of “cool things we didn’t know you could do with the app.” It tests the integrity of the IP67 / IP68 rating of your Android phone by accessing the device’s barometer. Just download the free app, follow the prompts to press down firmly on the screen, and you will get a fast pass / fail class. It’s simple, nerdy and practical, which is a combination we love.

Developer Ray Wang says he created the app to help people check the waterproof seal condition of their devices after a repair or as it deteriorates over time. Of course, don’t consider a passing grade as a free passport to plant your phone in a lake. However, it seems to work reliably feedback from Reddit users and Play Store reviewers – as well as our own quick tests. The IP68-rated Galaxy Note 20 Ultra passed the test at first, but when we dropped the SIM card holder, it failed – as you might expect. TCL 20 Pro 5G without IP rating failed.

In our testing, a TCL phone (left) without an IP rating failed as expected, while an IP68 rated Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (middle and right) passed it.
Photos: Allison Johnson / The Verge

This application is not the first of its kind, but some of the current waterproof test apps on the Play Store seem to be designed for older phones with a different waterproofing style than today’s phones, and may not work exactly as per user reviews.

Anyway, this new app seems to work well and is free unless you want the developer to pay $ 1 to remove the small ad at the bottom of the screen. Not a bad price to pay for a little geeky fun.

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