The Windows 10 update changes the user’s default font


Future Windows 10 Sun Valley Update (also known as Windows 10 20H2) is going to be a big deal, it has been rumored for some time. With all the hype surrounding its release, it’s no wonder people are digging into the details of what changes we can expect.

Not just updated templates come to Windows Explorer and icons found in Shell32.DLL (which have remained mostly unchanged for almost 25 years), but Windows Latest They have also found in recent preview structures that the “Segoe UI” font, which is used throughout the Windows 10 browser, will be disabled when the Sun Valley update is released.

Windows 10

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Segoe interface is currently used in all Windows 10 applications, such as Control Explorer and Settings. It will not be replaced by a new font, but an updated look that includes an “optical axis”.

This presumably improves the readability of smaller sizes when the default font size is set to 9pt, and in addition, the interface can be adjusted dynamically so that no matter how small or large you font, you will see an improvement in outline and style. These updates are currently only available to Windows Insider members, but Microsoft will gradually make the changes for all Windows 10 users over time.


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